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Attend a table

On October 25th, community members throughout the county can either host a table or attend a public table to participate in our conversations during A Seat at the Table. Check out our list of public tables here!


How does it work?

  • Our public tables will be hosted by our Superhosts (see below!).

  • These tables are open to all community members. Anyone can attend a public table.

  • As Superhosts sign up to host public tables, we will publicize them on this website.

  • Stay tuned for our public table locations and times throughout Gallatin County!

Become a Host

Talking with neighbors and friends over a meal or cup of coffee is a time-honored tradition. It’s also a great way to discuss important issues affecting our region’s future. A Seat at the Table gives you the opportunity to connect with neighbors and colleagues, hear from those you may not already know and together, inspire action. Anyone can be a host and all are invited to participate. Diverse perspectives are needed to create a better future for our region.


How does it work?

  • Your A Seat at the Table get together can take place at any time on October 25th, 2018.

  • Meet when it is most convenient for you and your guests. Have your conversation over breakfast, lunch, dinner or any time in between.

  • You can invite friends, coworkers, family members and more! You are responsible for inviting your guests to your table. We encourage 8-10 guests around your table.

  • You can host an A Seat at the Table conversation at your home, office, place of worship, school, library, restaurant or anywhere! There does not even have to be a table!

  • You are welcome to hold the conversation anywhere you and your guests feel comfortable. You can order in, go out, serve a home-cooked meal or make it a potluck or a picnic. Offering food at your conversation is optional.

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We need your address in order to ensure that we have a good distribution of hosts geographically across the county.
I don't mind if you share my name and community name.

Become a Superhost

Interested in hosting more than 10 tables that anyone in our community can attend on Thursday, October 25th? We'd love to have you sign up as a Superhost! 


How does it work?

  • Some community organizations, individuals and businesses are signing up as Superhosts.

  • Superhosts agree to host 10 or more public or private conversations for A Seat at the Table.

  • As a Superhost, your public table locations and time frames will be listed on our website. That way, any one in our community can stop by to join the conversation!

  • Superhosts are asked to manage their own tables on this day. We will be asking you to promote your own public table through your information channels (email lists, social media, etc.) Consider inviting customers, employees, and more. We will be asking you to promote your own public or private tables through your information channels.

Address *
I would like to host PUBLIC tables. I understand that being a public superhost means that my location will be open to members of my community.
I would like to host PRIVATE tables. I understand that my location information will not be shared publicly.

Meet Your Hosts

A Seat At The Table brings together the voices, hopes and ideas of people from across our community, and your hosts get the conversation started. Learn more about hosts below, and sign up to gather your own table to join the movement. Are you hosting a table and would like your image added to this page? Sign up as a host and email us your photo!

Headshot 1 Fall 2018.jpg

“I signed up to host a table because I think sitting around the table with a cup of coffee in hand with others is one of the best ways to create shared understanding of issues…not necessarily agreement, but understanding of different perspectives. Shared understanding among us creates middle ground.”



“I feel that community conversations and input about growth plans are vitally important.  We can help design our future by making our voices heard.”


Madden B&W.jpg

“I want to learn from others and contribute input learned
to community leaders and planners in Gallatin County,
Bozeman and Belgrade.”



“The Gallatin Valley Land Trust is interested in hosting tables for Seat at the Table because we care about the future of this valley. As our community grows and changes, it is imperative that diverse groups of people have an opportunity for their voices to be heard. Local governments and nonprofits like ours work on behalf of our community and is incredibly valuable to have input on their concerns and ideas about the future.”


headshot Ang (6).jpg

“I am committed to strengthening well-being and livability in my community and believe it is important for those in outlying Gallatin Valley communities to have a voice. As a resident, counselor, and mental health advocate, I see A Seat at the Table as an innovative approach to community building and a wonderful opportunity to have a voice.”


Brianne Rogers Dugan headshot.jpg

“To help support Bozeman Health's mission to improve community health and quality of life. Bozeman Health was also focused on ensuring that residents from across the county had a chance to participate, which inspired our three tables in Big Sky and West Yellowstone.”


18.08.09_KateWright_030 CROPPED.jpg

"I want to understand others' perspectives, and enable the voices of people who may not otherwise share thoughts with community leaders as we create growth policies for Gallatin County, Bozeman and Belgrade."



Meet Your Other Hosts!

Jesse Bussard

Judy Slate

Tanya Andreasen

Jennifer Boyer

Jody McDevitt

Angela Lehr

Alice Buckley

Emily M Hay

Ron Lindroth

Renee Boundy

Susan Denson-Guy

Emily Allison

Gary McGowan

Kerry Hanson

McKeely Shannon

Carson Taylor

Susan Duncan

Erica Coyle

Kristin Spadafore

Katherine Dayton

Teri Ball

Claire Hood

Sarah Creech


Katie Epstein

Kelli Roemer

Jane Klockman

Jesse Tufte

Paul Lachapelle

Bozeman Art Museum

Jeffrey Elliott

Lisa Ceremsak

Lisa Beedy

Shannon Waters

Gale Bacon 


Meet your Super Hosts!

Belgrade Senior Center

Neighborhood Dad

Bozeman Rotaract


Bunkhouse Brewery

City of Bozeman

Montana State University/Alison Harmon

Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture