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A Seat at the Table is an initiative of the Bozeman Area Community Foundation and Future West with support from a committed steering committee. We have nearly 100 nonprofit leaders and 14 local government departments already on board, this initiative is shaping up to be the largest and most diverse opportunity for civic engagement in Gallatin County’s history. Will you join us?



A Seat at the Table is a simple concept – a county-wide conversation that is hosted by community members. On Thursday, October 25, 2018, neighbors will come together, share a meal or coffee, and talk about their concerns, ideas, and hopes for the future of Gallatin County. We're inviting YOU to host a table on October 25th. It can be a coffee, brown bag lunch, dinner, potluck, or picnic. Eight to twelve guests per table is ideal! Invite your neighbors (or those neighbors you've been meaning to introduce yourself to for the past ten years). Can’t host a table? Attend a public table! There are several tables being hosted between now and Oct. 31st. Simply pick a table and attend! Some tables are asking for an RSVP so check our “Find a Table” page to learn more!

October 25th doesn’t work for me to host a table. Can I host a table at another time?

Absolutely. Flexibility is key to this initiative. Our goal is to host the majority of our conversations on Thursday, October 25th. However, if that date doesn’t work - you can host your conversation any time between Oct. 15th - 31st. It’s very important that whenever you host your conversation, you ask your participants to take our follow up survey. That’s how we will collect all of the feedback from these conversation, regardless of when they take place. The last day to take the survey will be October 31st.


Will I receive any training to help me host a conversation?

All hosts will be asked to participate in a brief optional training on Wednesday, October 3rd from 5:30pm - 7pm at Barnard Hall in Bozeman, Montana with dinner provided. During this training we will provide you with an overview of the initiative, tips and tricks for hosting a conversation and information on how to collect feedback from your conversations! Can't join us? No problem. This training will also be streamed online and recorded to be viewed at a later time in our “Host Resources”.


Why are we hosting A seat at the table?

A Seat at the Table brings together citizens from all walks of life, all across the county, to share ideas and find ways to make Gallatin County a more connected, engaged, and successful community. The results will be exciting new relationships, elevated civic conversations, and genuine pathways toward collaborative action – outcomes that make our communities more connected, resilient and resourceful. More specifically, Gallatin County, Bozeman, and Belgrade are all now creating new growth policies – the big picture, long range vision, goals, and strategies for their future. The results of A Seat at the Table will give the leaders of the three local governments much more diverse, broad, and rich public input than they would otherwise have.



You! During A Seat at the Table, community members all over Gallatin County will host conversations, collect feedback from those conversations, and share that feedback with the A Seat at the Table planning team. Online surveys will also be used to capture feedback after the conversations from those who participated. We will then partner with Montana State University to synthesize the collected data.



After A Seat at the Table, our team will report themes from the data to the participants and the larger community. We will also provide our local governments with the key findings from the conversations to inform their planning for the future. This website will continue to feature information about our hosts, FAQ's, the data we collect, and ongoing updates, all of which will help inform next steps on how to achieve our collective goals as a community.


Are you ready to get involved?

A Seat at the Table will provide our community with a much-needed platform for more inclusivity, diversity and equity in conversations about the planning of our collective future. It is my hope that A Seat at the Table will gather the perspectives of those in our community who haven’t been able to attend city and county planning meetings – it is important for all voices to be heard as we plan for the future of our community.
— Danica Jamison, President and CEO, Greater Gallatin United Way