A Seat at the Table is a community-wide conversation that starts with you and your neighbors.



On Thursday, October 25th, over 900 members of our community came together to talk about ideas and hopes for Gallatin County. When we come together as
a community to listen to and learn from each other, we have the power to impact both neighborhoods and lives. That’s what A Seat at the Table is all about.



What does it look like?




People across the county invite 8-10 friends or family to a gathering of their choice anytime on Thursday, October 25th. It can be a coffee, brown bag lunch, dinner, potluck or picnic - anything that is comfortable to you.


At these gatherings, community members will discuss their hopes and dreams for our neighborhoods and our communities.


Participants then tell us what they discussed at their A Seat at the Table gathering. We want to hear your voice so we can move forward together.


Participants can also see what others are saying; the Bozeman Area Community Foundation will share posts, pictures, and ideas through local media and this website as well as on social media using the hashtag #AtTheTableGV


Why are we doing this?

On Thursday, October 25th, we will connect individuals and communities of diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Talking – and more importantly listening – to our neighbors is an important first step toward creating a more unified community as we grow. While our community faces challenges such as growth, we also face so many opportunities - if we can come together.

In this digital age when people are glued to their cellphones, imagine:

One day.

Hundreds of face-to-face conversations about this place that we love.

Relationships built.

Ideas sparked.

Community members engaged.

We know that big ideas can spring from small conversations and that people invest in what they help create. We need your voice at the table. Join the conversation on Thursday, October 25th.




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